Design4Energy Gender Equity Action Plan

The Action Plan for Gender Equality of Design4Energy presented in this document specifies how Design4Energy will promote gender equality across all of the organization’s work. It collates the most important measures by which the consortium promotes equality between women and men and combats gender-based discrimination.
Below there is a list towards the gender objectives to be achieved in Design4Energy project. These measures will provide a proper Gender Equality Plan implementation. The Action Plan for Gender Equality is composed by the following measures:
  • Publish the gender equality plan on the web

  • Avoid the gap between the proportion of women in the decision-making bodies of the Design4Energy organizations compared with the proportion of women in the overall membership rate

  • Develop mechanisms to encourage gender mainstreaming, using tools such as sex segregated statistics, studies and checklists.

  • Take into account the specific aspects of the situation of women who experience multiple discrimination, such as immigrant women, disabled women, young women, elderly women or homosexual females.

  • Strengthen links in European Industry and Construction Federations between gender equality bodies

  • Monitor the submission rates of women and men by country, research domain and panel.

  • Take active part in gender equality networks and workshops

  • Promote the importance of taking into consideration gender differences from the earliest stages of the research project

  • Include gender statistics to achieve gender balance in all the fields of the project

  • Include successful grantees of both genders as role models in communication activities, such as brochures, posters, videos etc

  • Collect and analyze gender data on PhD students, post docs and any other researchers funded through European Commission