Design4Energy Collaborative Virtual Workspace

As a platform with other sub-tools integrated, an interactive virtual web platform that allows various actors to collectively simulate and assess the impact of various design scenarios in order to improve energy efficiency, at building or neighbourhood scale, as well as for retrofitting or O&M
. user will be able to create projects, define team members for a given project, resource and different design files can be uploaded and shared between team members with privilege control, with the plugins and subcomponents developed in the project, users then can use the EE library to design the building and run early performance calculation in the very early design phase to check their sketches and improve their design according the suggestions presented in the simulation results or knowledge database, by setting up meetings, different team members can have instant communication, check their models and synchronize their designs in an easy way, or to discuss different alternatives with their clients by showing their models and options. In this way, it is envisioned to greatly improve the working procedures and have an effective communication and collaboration between different stakeholders, and improve the energy efficiency in an effective way.

In summary, this platform will provide:

• Target levels setting in a neighbourhood context.
• An environment for architects to consider energy issues at an early design stage (covering design and simulation)
• An environment for architects to perform energy matching in neighbourhood context.
• Building detailed design.
• Integrated collaborative design review.
• Definition of the need for retrofit/maintenance during operational stage.
• Remodelling of operational options/decision making.

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Download the option generator plug-in for Revit:
Option generator plug-in for Revit