Values of Design4Energy Platform

Design4Energy project mainly focus on the Optimised design methodologies for energy-efficient buildings integrated in the neighbourhood energy systems, supported with a platform and set of tools at the service of architectural design professionals.
It explores how could the tools provided in an interactive virtual workspace enable team members, clients and architects in particular to investigate the impact of energy and cost of their design through exploring what-if-scenarios. Easy use building performance simulation and more optimization functions are provided with a user friendly interface in the platform.
In short, the widespread application of the proposed methodologies and tools, would have a significant impact on reducing the price of architectural projects and O&M labours for energy efficient building design, and exponentially increase the number of energy-efficient projects and the general culture of the design professionals and the population in general on this matter. Energy efficiency and respect for the environment should not be seen as a luxury, as at present, but as a right and a quality value added to the final design of the building.
In summary, the specific values implicit to the D4E platform and methodology are detailed below:

1. Organizational values

Through its ability to connect with different CAD and BIM tools and manage files and documentation, one of the general areas in which D4E platform can significantly influence the building workflow is the organizational aspect. Some of the activities included in this category are the following:

• Documents and information management
• Document issuance
• Document monitoring
• Communication platform
• Role management
• Project management

2. Information values

D4E can function as a gate of access to multiple information sources, whether native or belonging to other applications and databases. Some of the activities included in this category are the following:

• Benchmarking and neighbourhood data
• Access and save territorial data (city plan, terrain model, energy source, climate data, etc.)
• Referent prices database
• Materials & systems database
• CAD & BIM library for eeBIM
• Building system and components knowledge database
• Guidelines and showcase materials

3. Analytical values

D4E is a fundamentally analytic tool, thus it aids the design process in several ways. Some of the activities included in this category are the following:

• Project’s needs and values definition
• Early design stages performance analysis and comparison
• 4D BIM connection
• Model checking
• Integrated energy performance analysis
• Consulting and tracking tool
• In-site data collection tool
• Decision support and real-time comparison tool
• ee Feasibility assessment

4. Educational values

Thanks to the 3D Online Gaming environment and open assess nature, D4E will provide educational values, oriented to design professionals, users of buildings and citizens in general.

5. ICT Service values

Thanks to its open, flexible, agile and on-line nature, Design4Energy is called to become an important tool for building design which is always supported by ICT professional services, such as function customization, extension and integration of tools, adaptation to the your working environment etc.

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