SOLINTEL M&P is a high-tech SME specialized engineering and consulting company located in Spain. The engineering department of SOLINTEL works on the full development of novel systems, transport and low-energy consumption, energy efficiency of industrial processes. SOLINTEL is a recognized company with expertise in all aspects of the built and community environment, with a long history Top quality research and consultancy. More specifically, SOLINTEL has a proven track record Providing authoritative, independent advice and research on technologies and products contribute to the energy and environmental impact of buildings, districts and industrial facilities. Recent years we have been at the forefront of Low Carbon and Sustainability initiatives within construction industry and built environment. SOLINTEL provides consultancy to design teams, client organizations relating to energy efficient processes for industrial applications, consultancy on novel mechanisms for more effective and less impact technological solutions.

Avda. de la Industria 32, Edificio PAYMA EP-2, 28108 – Alcobendas, Madrid, Spain
Phone: +34913446887
Fax: +34913446911

Key persons involved

Juan Manuel
Project Coordinator
General Director of SOLINTEL. Civil Engineer by the Polytechnic University of Madrid (Spain) with more than 18 years of experience in the field of research applied to the construction sector. His main field of experience is related to the design of structures and the development of new uses and applications of composite materials in civil infrastructures. He is also a member of a variety of associations and platforms including the HLG (High-Level Group) of the ECTP (European Construction Technological Platform) and the JTI E2B (Joint technology Initiative of the Energy Efficient Buildings).


Technische Universität Dresden (TUD) is one of the oldest and largest technical universities in Germany. It is member of the group of the 9 leading Technical Universities in Germany (“T9 Board”). TUD is a full-scale university with 14 faculties, 36000 students, over 4500 employees and about 600 professors. In Design4Energy it will be represented by the Institute of Construction Informatics (CIB).

The research areas of CIB comprise product and process modelling, concurrent engineering, virtual organisations, ontologies, information logistics, Internet-enabled network infrastructures, Semantic Web technology, stochastic simulation and fuzzy methods. The institute works on the application of distributed systems and multi-dimensional data management as well as on methods of artificial intelligence for dynamic business process modelling. Software technology know-how encompasses advanced Internet solutions based on EJB, Java, XML, Web Service and Grid technology. Teaching activities include four basic and four advanced courses in construction IT along with active participation in the European ICT Euromaster program.



VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is a government organisation established by law and operating under the auspices of the Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy. VTT is a globally networked multitechnological applied research organization. VTT’s key technology fields include: Applied materials, Bio- and chemical processes, Energy, ICT Industrial systems, Microtechnologies and electronics, Technology in the Community (including energy efficiency of buildings and communities), and Business Research.

VTT develops and offers solutions for energy efficient buildings and cities with the aim of saving energy, opposing climate change and reducing its effects. VTT’s solutions cover the comprehensive evaluation and development of buildings and cities, ranging from urban planning to the functionality of buildings and cities at the occupation stage. Our broad file materials and effective tools allow for the reliable investigation of eco-efficiency.

VTT is involved deeply in the European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP) and in particular in the Focus Area 7 which is related to the Processes and ICT in the construction sector.

TEKNIIKANTIE, 4A, ESPOO, 02044, Finland


3L Architects and Industrial Designers was founded by Veronika Lenze, Theodor Lenze and Klaus Th. Luig in 1989. The vision of the company’s founding members was to establish an architectural firm that is driven by a holistic approach to buildings and processes. Instead of just design-oriented services, 3L provides services that include integrative solutions that consist of design, technology, ecology and economy. 3L regards the building process within the framework of holistic project management- from project development to investment, building and facility management to the continuous process of improving building products and services. This holistic view is intended to enhance the overall building process.

HORLECKE, 46, MENDEN,58706, Germany


Loughborough University (UK, Higher Education) has 3,000 employees and 15,000 students and has a growing reputation in both its teaching and research functions. Overall, it has participated in more than 100 EU projects and has strong links with a wide range of external public and private sector bodies. The School of Civil and Building Engineering is one of the largest multi-disciplinary engineering schools in the UK. According to the latest independent national research assessment exercise (RAE), 95% of the School's Built Environment research and 90% of School's Civil Engineering research is of an international standard. The research team possesses the complementary expertise of construction, ICT and building energy modelling. Most recently, the research team has secured national funding of 1 Million Euros under the program of ‘Transforming Energy Demand in Buildings through Digital Innovation', The University is research-intensive.

Ashby Road, LOUGHBOROUGH, LE11 3TU, United Kingdom


Fraunhofer IAO (the Fraunhofer-Institute for Industrial Engineering) is one of 56 institutes comprising the Fraunhofer Society – a major European research organisation, represented on other continents too. Along with the research activities in numerous EU projects, FHG IAO also consults industrial companies of different size, from different branches, supporting them with know-how in analyzing and redesigning business processes and in introduction and application of strategic information technologies and management methodologies. One of the focus areas is the improvement of construction processes and the management of technologies and R&D in the construction industry. This includes advances in manufacturing and off- and on-site assembly of industrially pre-fabricated modules and components. Within this context, the IAO is involved in more than 400 international and local research and consultancy projects per annum.

Hansastrasse, 27C, MUNCHEN, 80686, Germany
Phone:+49 (0)89 1205 2723
Fax:+49 (0)89 1205 7534


UNINOVA is a multidisciplinary, independent, non-profit research institute located in the metropolitan area of Lisbon, Portugal. UNINOVA aim is to pursue excellence in scientific research, technical development and advanced training & education. Founded in 1982, UNINOVA in recognised today as a top research organisation in ICT scientific domains having participated in many national (FCT, QREN, etc.) and international (FP4, FP5, FP6, FP7, IMS, ARTEMIS, etc.) research programmes. Mobilised for the project, the Centre for Technology and Systems (CTS), presents recognised RTD skills on data solutions and systems interoperability. CTS researchers are highly competent in data modelling and representation, data technologies and standards, modelling and meta-modelling, interoperability technologies, interoperability modelling, model-2-model



Corio N V is one of the largest listed property investment companies with a focus on retail in Europe. Corio’s portfolio of € 7.0 billion consists –mainly, 95%- of shopping malls in the Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Turkey. Corio manages its own shopping malls. Corio is a retail property company and it specializes in the selection, development, redevelopment, and management of shopping malls. Currently, Corio has operations in six countries: the Netherlands, where its headquarters are located, France, Italy, Spain, Turkey, and Germany.

Our vision is to create sustainable places where people like to meet. First and foremost Corio believes shopping centres can and should perform an important social role. Our vision of a shopping centre is of a meeting place where individuals can relax, socialise, feel at home and be inspired. We are convinced that the creation of appealing and successful shopping centres, when managed properly, will generate greater economic activity. In doing so, we recognise the importance of being alert to the changing demands of people in the catchment area and the need to adapt

quickly to their demands. To be successful, we believe our centres should be sustainable in every respect: situational (location), conceptual, aesthetic, social, environmental and financial. We create to adapt. The company’s shares are traded on Euronext NYSE in Amsterdam and Paris. Under Dutch law Corio is a fiscal investment institution (FBI). It has a SIIC status in France. As of March 2008, Corio has been included in the Dutch blue-chip index leading shares, the AEX and FTSE4 Good index.

STATIONSPLEIN, 97, UTRECHT, 3511 ED, Netherlands


The School of the Built Environment (SOBE) at the University of Salford (USAL) has an exciting and vibrant research community engaged in advanced research in the Built Environment, much of which also involves national and international partners. SOBE is one of the largest UK schools, employing some 70 active research staff, very many of whom are internationally recognised leaders in their field, 22 Professors in disciplines such as information technology, digital architectural design, and construction processes and facilities management, and some 180 PhD students from around the world undertaking research programmes. SOBE has a top position in the UK government national research assessment which recognises the outstanding national and international profile of its academic staff, and is also number one for research power, a position held since 1992 (source: Research Fortnightly Magazine 2008). The Built and Human Environment is a key strategic research theme at USAL. SOBE also hosts the 'Think Lab'. With an international reputation in the field of virtual reality applications for engineering and the built environment, The Think Lab provides state of the art facilities in a futuristic environment enabling researchers to engage in research that harnesses leading ICT developments to provide new solutions to current and future challenges faced by industry, commerce and the community. The ThinkLab has led and participated in many EU projects, such as DIVERCITY, DIVIPRO, FutureHome, Future_Workspaces, Intelcity and CoSpaces, etc. Thinklab is specialised in developing advanced visualisation systems, collanborative workspaces, e-learning environments based on gaming technology etc.

THE CRESCENT,43, SALFORD, M5 4WT, United Kingdom


SYMELEC, located at Spain, was founded in 1995, is a company with high expertise in electrical, HVAC, ICT, Renewable installations and lighting systems, the company has a professional team of around 50 people involved in a permanent technical training program.

SYMELEC’s professional activity is developed around:

Medium and low voltage distribution lines, electrical installations, electrical installations for automatically control in water treatment plants, electrical installations for photovoltaic systems. ICT systems for energy installations, ICT systems for energy efficient buildings, ICT security buildings.



IZNAB Sp. z o.o. is a engineering and consulting SME. The company headquarters is located in Warsaw, Poland. The mission of our engineering team inside IZNAB’s Research and Development department is to be a High-Tech company leading in the application of innovative technologies and advanced materials in various fields of Industry (construction, energy and environment), with a top quality research and consultancy. More specifically, IZNAB counts with multidisciplinary team of professionals (civil engineers, industrial engineers, architects, material scientist) who gather more than 15 years of experience in each of the areas where the services are offered. We invest on research and development which enhances the creation of new products and services by expanding the scope of applications in the construction area.

The goal and strategy of IZNAB is to apply a whole new analysis technique in order to improve energy efficiency and to reduce greenhouse gas emission from overall building facilities. We consider it, through the constant monitoring, optimisation and integration of new compatible technologies and low energy consumption construction materials in order to improve energy efficiency in the entire building life-cycle; we achieve this using simulation programs, such as TRNSYS, e-QUEST and some other complementary software such as MATLAB and Simulink. IZNAB has a large experience in the application of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in the modelling of industrial processes and equipments, including expertise in fluid mechanics, turbulence, heat transfer and other related physical and chemical phenomena.

IZNAB provides consultancy to design teams, client organizations relating to innovative material development, energy efficiency and life-cycle analysis apart from life- cycle cost models. Web site address:

UL. PORY, 78, WARSZAWA, 02-757, Poland


GSM is an SME company located in Spain. They are active in the fields of architecture design, the planning of urban surroundings, energy efficient development and consulting development processes. The office is deals with the structure and sustainable development of spatial entities. Art and scenic design, the economic factors, the social requirements, and a sense of responsibility towards the environment are all essential factors for their basic architectural understanding. GSM runs different sized projects ranging from small single family houses to larger hotels and wellness resorts. The company has experience in all the phases of development processes: from the very first sketch to construction supervision.

Comprehending complex interactions is one of their main strengths. This is reflected in clear concepts and transforming these into processes. GSM views networked thinking as an integral concept for the sustainable development of both the environment and all specific fields of activity. Self-reliance, the ability to deal simultaneously with many issues and emotional insight are all aspects that can be addressed by means of unconventional ideas.



The METROPOLITAN RESEARCH INSTITUTE (MRI) was established in Budapest in 1989 and has since become a recognized institution working in the areas of housing policy and urban development as well as local government finance research in Hungary.

One of the main profiles of MRI has always been housing and rehabilitation policies. MRI was the main partner of USAID in the 90s by implementing its housing programmes in Hungary. In the framework of the cooperation MRI was the main think thank that encouraged the transformation of the Hungarian housing sector by providing consultancy in the field of 1) housing finance, 2) condominium legislation, 3) condominium renovation, 4) foreclosure procedures. MRI worked with the national government and local governments to lay down the legal base for housing subsidy schemes and the management of the social housing sector. MRI also provided trainings in the field of housing management and renovation. In the 2000s MRI continued to be one of the main partners of the national government in evaluating and formulating national housing policy (the call for tenders in financing energy efficient investment for panel buildings were created by MRI in 2000). MRI carried out international research programme on housing estate renovation (RESTATE) working in the EU research framework programme. MRI also worked for international organisations to prepare comparative studies on housing management (2003) and social housing systems (2008). Currently (as the legal and financial background of energy efficient renovation is already set) MRI is concentrating on the evaluation of the national and EU level subsidy schemes on the theme

Lonyay utca, 34, BUDAPEST, 1093, Hungary


ANCODARQ is a Spanish construction SME that provides specialized in building rehabilitation works. ANCODARQ is at the forefront of the activities of engineering and architecture in Spain. ANCODARQ is an entity that works to help improve the living conditions of citizens and society in general. A goal that must be supported by one of its main assets: human resources. Since its inception, the company's activities are governed by two basic principles: quality and professionalism. A corporate philosophy that tries to provide answers to the retrofitting projects in which it is committed, demanding their outmost dedication, as well as the most effective application of knowledge and technical expertise. All with the aim of helping to create better living conditions for citizens.

Our technical staff of professionals provides consultancy services that are continuous from the first concept idea from our clients, listening to their needs, passing through its development by innovative designs and aesthetics, selecting the most adequate materials, and performing the project management and execution of it.



CADCAMation SA is a Swiss high tech SME located in Geneva, which has a long tradition in both CAD/CAM research and business. CADCAMation was founded in 1993 as a software competence centre for the Fidia Spa (CNC and HSM machine-tool in Torino) by Eng. Van Khai Nguyen who has been previously participating to the birth of the pioneer CAD/CAM system called “Systrid” in the 80s at Aerospatiale (former division of Eurocopter/Airbus/EADS). From 1997, CADCAMation has spun-off from Fidia and extended its activities to become full integrator of advanced CAD, CAM, NC process planning as well as BIM in the AEC and urban field.

Today, its core competences are focused on integrating and aligning PLM & BIM technologies with the overall plant IT architecture to sustain the ubiquitous and digital factory of the future towards its triple-bottom line corporate strategy.

Despite its small size, the company is remarkably pursuing a twofold mission:

- For R&D: it achieved many research integrated projects (IP) in the field of advanced manufacturing within the European framework programs. Currently CADCAMation is coordinating together with Airbus the FP7 PPP project “FOFdation” with envisions a new IT foundation to support interoperability for the integration of PLM-ERP-MES in the Factory of the Future.
- For PLM-BIM Business: it acts as VAR of Autodesk, BlueCielo and many other PLM developers to support the SMEs in the PLM & BIM implementation.
CADCAMation has recently founded innoLAB which is based on the concept of living LAB composed of networked high tech SMEs and Research institutes to encourage cross-fertility and creativity in a multicultural environment. innoLAB is a joint effort between industry and academy, founded in 2010 by CADCAMation, Agie-Charmilles New Technology SA and other SMEs and engineering institutes under the aegis of the EC. It addresses the digital techniques and knowledge intensive process in manufacturing and building industry. A specific emphasis is put on the use of digital models and information management in the machining processes as well as the building information modeling (BIM). innoLAB will provide research, industrial assignments and training in its competence field (CAD-CAM, NC Manufacturing processes, BIM, visualization techniques, Engineering content management) and collaborates with higher schools.

Route de Chancy, 103, Onex, 1213, Switzerland
Phone: +41 227922118
Fax: +41 227924886


TPF Sp. z o.o. was established in Warsaw in 1994 under the name of E&L Architects. The company plans, designs and co-ordinates the construction of cost-effective development projects.

In January 2001 E&L Architects became a member of the TPF Group of design and engineering companies that has offices in Belgium, France, India, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Spain.

TPF employs over 500 design and engineering professionals and consultants. It undertakes projects in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. TPF Sp. z o.o. provides consulting services of infrastructural projects financed by UE, EBI, EBRD in the field of roads, bridges, rail and environmental protection. Provision of services includes investment co-ordination and management, technical assistance, investor’s supervision, management services for infrastructural projects according to FIDIC procedures.



ASSIGNIA INFRAESTRUCTURAS S. A. is an Essentium group company, which has more than 30 years of experience, and the area of activity comprising extraction, manufacture and commercialisation of basic construction materials including cement, aggregates concrete and pre-formed concrete that complement the construction and real estate trade. However, in recent years the group has extended its activity into the area of water purification, by using a patent created by the internal R+D department, and into the area of energy. Assignia Infraestructuras participates in the country’s large-scale infrastructure projects (high speed railways, highways, airports) and is a leading company in services and infrastructures concessions sector, particularly in health, education and environment areas. It is also present on the renewable energy market, with several biomass, biodiesel and solar energy plants in operation. It is catalogued as a big enterprise, has revenues for the value of 650 million Euros and employs over 2000 people per year of which the 45 % is qualified personnel. Assignia headquarters are located not only in Europe but in Asia, South and Central America, helping on the development of emerging economies like Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Oman, Poland y Bulgaria. From its formation the company has important values that have been the clue of its success:

- Profitable for shareholders and customers.
- Responsible towards society and towards people.
- Having respect to the environment and their commitments.