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    STREAMER is an industry-driven collaborative research project on Energy-efficient Buildings (EeB) with cases of mixed-use healthcare districts that aims to reduce the energy use and carbon emission of new and retrofitted buildings in healthcare districts in the EU by 50% in the next 10 years. Such districts are the best real examples of neighbourhood with integrated energy system consisting of mixed building types (i.e. hospitals and clinics; offices and retails; laboratories and educational buildings; temporary care homes; rehabilitation and sport facilities).

  • GREEN@Hospital
    web-based enerGy management system foR the optimization of the EnErgy coNsumption in Hospitals

    The GREEN@Hospital project aims at integrating the latest ICT solutions in order to obtain a significant energy saving in existing hospital buildings, through a better management of energy resources and losses reduction.
    Within the project a Web-based Energy Management and Control Systems – Web-EMCS– will be developed. It will integrate, monitor and control multiple buildings systems at the component level. Moreover models to assess the energy savings will be developed and algorithms for consumption optimisation implemented.
    The proposed solution will be also supported by a Maintenance Energy Service, specifically developed and integrated in the Web-EMCS to maintain optimal energy efficiency after initial efforts.

    Holistic and optimized life-cycle integrated support for EeB design and construction

    The HOLISTEEC project aims at providing the European AEC/FM industry with a comprehensive design approach taking into account the whole building life-cycle and the influence of the neighborhoods, with the objective to make a decisive contribution to built environment energy efficiency improvement.
    Focus: HOLISTEEC software platform will account for all physical phenomena at the building level while also taking into account External neighbourhood level influences.

  • eeEmbedded
    Collaborative holistic design laboratory and methodology for energy-efficient embedded buildings

    The project focus on Open BIM-based holistic collaborative design and simulation platform, a holistic design methodology, an energy sustem information model, and an integrated information management framework.

    ICT Roadmap for Energy Efficient Neighbourhoods is a project which examines ways that ICT can be extended beyond individual homes and buildings to the wider context of neighbourhoods and communities to improve energy efficiency.

    ICT Platform for Holistic Energy Efficiency Simulation and Lifecycle Management of Public Use Facilities. Development of Integrated Virtual Energy Laboratory (IVEL) enabling the study of design and retrofitting alternatives concerning energy performance and total costs

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