Design4Energy Gaming

A 3D on-line tool that provides an interactive workspace to enable users explore various ‘what-if scenarios’ individually as well as collectively in a ‘team space’ and investigate the impact of their decisions and choices on cost and energy performance. This is a D4E training tool that will enable the end users to extend their knowledge about designing better energy efficient buildings taking energy and cost into consideration from an early design phase.

The 3D on-line gaming environment is comprised of three learning modules:

• New building
• Neighbourhood
• Retrofitting and O&M

Each learning module is structured around a set of activities, specific tasks and tutorials; conceived to enable users to achieve a number of learning outcomes. The D4E 3D on-line gaming environment is integrated within the web environment and is able to run on various platforms while maintaining quality and frame rate. The interface is designed in a flexible way to enable end-users select any module to start their training with. The tool is designed to support individual users’ training as well as community learning collaboration, where a minimum of two players can use it, taking the roles of an architect and a client respectively

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